If you follow these three musicians down into their musical rabbit hole, they will take you on a journey through a colourful array of spheres, moods and timbres. Sometimes soft and floating, then again virtuous and rhythmic, the melodies are weaving together multiple filaments of composed pieces, atmospheric improvisations and soundscapes. With handpans, flutes, strings and percussion, Mandàra’s music invites you into their world, full of musical energies and dreams, where meditative themes merge with rhythmical ones and world music fuses with calssical elements, creating, what could be called the soundtrack of life. What will always remain as the core of their work is the mutual emotional world of Pia Greenaway, Hauke I. Marquard and Andreas Koller.

Mandàra can be booked for concerts, festivals and private events.
Simply refer to the contact page or write us an email.

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(Foto: Alessandro Marino)
Wohnzimmer Konzert mit mandàra on 27/07/2024 from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM
mandàra - Live im Planetarium on 01/08/2024 from 8:00 PM until 9:30 PM
Historischer Markt in Schongau on 09/08/2024 - 18/08/2024 from 12:00 AM until 11:59 PM

Children Concerts

What does it feel like to dance a real fire dance? And what are the songs, sung by the wind?
This, and much more is what children discover in Mandàra’s program „Spiel der Elemente“
(Game of Elements). Representing fire, earth, water and air, Mandàra playfully guides them through a diverse program.

With dances, singing, breathing and vocal exercises, listening to music, body percussion, instrumental music and a lot of fun, the children will get a deeper understanding of the individual qualities of each element.
The whole interactive program is embedded in Mandàra’s live music, which allows for a great sound experience for all ages. With flute, violin, handpan and shruti-box, they create ambient timbres, inviting the children to participate, to listen actively and to relax.

(Foto: Alessandro Marino)

This program was created particularly for children (age 4-9) and will be performed with our musical colleague and friend Johanna Regenbogen, thus completing the four elements.
The runtime is about 50 min. (depending on the group size, age and needs of the children) and can be booked privately or for public institutions. (Kindergardens, schools etc.)

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Historischer Markt in Schongau on 09/08/2024 - 18/08/2024 from 12:00 AM until 11:59 PM
Elfenfest auf Schloss Blumenthal on 23/08/2024 - 25/08/2024 from 12:00 AM until 11:59 PM

The Little Prince (Theater)

In cooperation with Augsburg’s theater „Fritz und Freunde“, Mandàra started a very special journey – the journey of the little Prince from the Novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The little Prince lives on his small planet with his beloved rose. But troubled by a lot of questions, he starts his journey through space on which he meets many strange characters like
the king, the vain, the businessman, the alcoholic and the geographer. His search for answers finally brings him to planet earth where he meets the pilot and the fox who teach him the secret „you can only see well with your heart“

Accompanied by wonderful live music of Mandàra, this story of timeless poetry and profoundness will be brought back to life by the actors and can be booked for public, as well as school performances.

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(Foto: Alessandro Marino)
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