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Impuls (2017) is Mandàra’s first album. The band had worked almost two years on this LP, in their first formation with their friend Daniela Tratz. The main instruments being silver flute, violin, handpan and shruti-box, they created picturesque soundscapes – at times melancholic and thoughtful, but then again also happy and joyful.
Duration: 77 min
Price: 15€

line up
Andreas Koller: handpan, bass-guitar
Hauke I. Marquard: violin
Pia Greenaway: flute, glockenspiel
Daniela Tratz: shruti-box, piano


Rowain – A stone’s lore (2019) is a project-album in collaboration with Helmut Martin. Helmut works with healing and druid stones and has blessed Mandara with a precious loan: the druid stone “Rowain”.
In several improvisations, the musicians have been inspired by the stone’s energy and the themes and melodies from these improvisations were later arranged in songs. What emerged from this, were melodies and sounds whose powers unfold in tranquility. Duration: 46 min
Price: 12€

line up
Andreas Koller: handpans, bodhrán, sansula, chime
Hauke I. Marquard: violin, guitar
Pia Greenaway: flute, alto flute, handpan